Tuition fee €4,100 per year
Application fee €278 per year
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Architectural Engineer

The students of the Faculty of Architecture receive practical and theoretical training regarding spatial planning arrangements, specially taking into account ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND URBAN PLANNING. They acquire theoretical and PRACTICAL skills while creating architectural projects, solving structural and engineering problems, connected with architectural design, UNDERSTANDING the relations between people and buildings and between buildings and environment.


This is the faculty, on which you will be able to expand your knowledge on architectural design, especially taking into consideration, environmental relations. You will improve your skills of creating expressive architectural objects. You will broaden your knowledge about various architectural and constructional forms, installation and communication issues and revalorisation. You become more familiar with land relief issues and green areas, which surround architectural objects and also you; you will be familiarised with adaptation, modernisation, reconstruction of the buildings and urban complexes.

Programme structure


Conditions for the running the field of study. WSEiZ reserves the right to resign from running the field or form of studies chosen by the Candidate / Student due to insufficient number of candidates for studies (minimum for running the field is 30 candidates). Committing to return the amounts paid: enrollment fee, entry fee and tuition (payment for invitation letter is not refundable). A written notification of resignation from starting a major or a form of studies is equivalent to termination of the contract by WSEiZ.

Career opportunities


Graduates are able to establish their own business in architectural design, they may be employed in architectural design offices and in the architectural and urban planning departments of the local administration, conservation workshops, engineering companies, advertising agencies and they are able to organise exhibitions, fair trades and make scenography.

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States