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The Designer is a profession for which you will be prepared for DESIGN studies! During the education the students will be taught how to define form of the product and designs, they acquire necessary knowledge not only on DESIGN ARTS but also on functional, utilitarian, technical and economic problems. The educational programme includes important issues connected with environmental protection and disabled people. The student of this field of study will be able to DESIGN: objects, clothes, furniture, vehicles, elements of small architecture, packages and to deal with visual communication and design of public spaces.


Fashion designer will acquire basic knowledge and skills in the sphere of creation and presentation of own collections of clothes, underwear and accessories. Besides the graphic technics, theory of colours, sartorial techniques, conception of proportion, work with tailor’s dummy, the student will get familiarised also with the trends which will allow him create individual vision of collection.

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Due to acquired general and professional knowledge, the graduates can work in the field of design and visual communication. They will be able to work as art and visual communication designers in design teams, media companies and advertisers and also they will be able set up their own art design companies.

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