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MScZarządzanie i Inżynieria Produkcji: Zarządzanie marką przedsiębiorstwa produkcyjnego

Czesne 3 220 € za rok
Wpisowe 160 € jeden raz

Opłata nie podlega zwrotowi. Jeśli jednak kurs się nie rozpocznie, zwrócimy Ci kwotę 60 €

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Master of Science in Engineering

The graduates of UE&m and other universities are welcomed on the master studies in the field of management and production engineering. Unique specialisations are dedicated not only to graduates of technical fields of study, but also to those students, which have graduated technical, artistic and legal studies. It’s worth to know that having master’s degree in the technical field of studies or economics, you could be admitted for master studies at UE&M and obtain another Master’s degree.


This specialisation is for those students, which would like to broaden their knowledge in the field of marketing and management and also dealing with production and trade mark management in the company. The goal of these studies is to prepare production company employees to make and implement decisions related to trademark management.

Możliwości zatrudnienia

Career opportunities

The graduate of this field of study has extremely valuable interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, is familiar with the methods of human resources management. He is prepared to work in the production field and also he will be highly regarded in the services – wherever technical resources have a key role in the operation of the company. Moreover, he has mastered the art of human and financial management. He is well prepared to work, which requires application of computers and computing technology. He is able to run his own business.

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Terminy mają zastosowanie dla obywateli: Stany Zjednoczone

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Terminy mają zastosowanie dla obywateli: Stany Zjednoczone