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BScZdrowie publiczne: Zarządzanie ochroną zdrowia i danymi medycznymi.

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Public Health is an INTERDISCIPLINARY field of study. It combines training in the field of medical and social science, management, economy, law and environmental protection. The students acquire ABILITY to understand complex health determinants, recognise biological, environmental, demographic and psychological hazards; prepare sanitary and epidemiological inspection reports; prepare, execute and popularise education and health promotion programs, particularly taking into account health prevention programs and psychosocial rehabilitation.


It prepares professionals in the scope of medical data management due to the medical sciences knowledge integration with the competences in the field of management and economy, which is a guarantee of rational dealing with funds dedicated to health care entities. The advantage of this specialisation is that, graduates obtain competences demanded in the labour market connected with gaining and processing medical data.

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The graduates can find work in public and private health care institutions (such as: hospitals, surgeries, medical and dental centres) and in other control and supervision facilities of health care system (National Health Fund, Sanitary-Epidemiological Station) wellness and SPA centres, health care institutions (hospices, nursing and senior care homes).

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