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The students of the faculty of Interior Design are prepared to work individually or in a group in the FIELD OF INTERIOR DESIGN AND FURNISHING and giving them PLASTIC EXPRESSION. These studies include a wide range of knowledge connected with: civil engineering and architecture taking into consideration the relations between these disciplines and arts.


This is the field of study on which you will acquire the ability to solve functional, ergonomic and formal problems connected with residential interior designs at the same time learning how to equip interiors and living areas with the furniture and appliances meeting utilitarian, aesthetic, technological and ecological requirements.

Struktura kierunku


Conditions for the running the field of study. WSEiZ reserves the right to resign from running the field or form of studies chosen by the Candidate / Student due to insufficient number of candidates for studies (minimum for running the field is 30 candidates). Committing to return the amounts paid: enrollment fee, entry fee and tuition (payment for invitation letter is not refundable). A written notification of resignation from starting a major or a form of studies is equivalent to termination of the contract by WSEiZ.

Możliwości zatrudnienia


The Graduates of this field of study usually find a job in design offices, real estate companies and public administration. Besides, they are employed in the conservation workshops, design studios, they are involved in advertisements design, film and theatre scenography. They set up their own interior design studios. They organise exhibitions and fair trades.

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