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The main economic goal is to produce goods, which satisfy human needs. The technique is required for their production. Those who are interested in technical recourses management should choose this field of study. The studies will allow them to acquire necessary knowledge and skills not only connected with technical disciplines, but also involving issues connected with: economy, management and law.
On this field of study theory is combined with practical skills in order to efficiently meet the challenges faced by the companies nowadays. You will be familiarised with the latest concepts, trends and instruments (including law) in the field of: ergonomics, occupational health and safety as well as the systems, supporting environmental management. You will better understand the possibilities of technological and scientific achievements, provided for optimisation of the relations between an individual, his work and working conditions.

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The graduate of this field of study has extremely valuable interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, is familiar with the methods of human resources management. He is prepared to work in the production field and also he will be highly regarded in the services – wherever technical resources have a key role in the operation of the company. Moreover, he has mastered the art of human and financial management. He is well prepared to work, which requires application of computers and computing technology. He is able to run his own business.

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30 paź 2019

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