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BScComputer Engineering (Information Technology) -APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMING

Czesne 3 200 € za rok
Wpisowe 188 € jeden raz

18 euro recruitment fee+ 85 entry fee+ 85 euro = 188 EURO

payment for invitation letter and recruitment fee are non – refundable. Refund policy

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Are the latest design technologies and software development no secret for you? Is the constantly evolving market of applications and multimedia technology your natural habitat? Would you like to work in the fastest growing branch of the 21st-century economy which offers broad opportunities for personal development in the future? If yes, studying Computer Science at WSEiZ is the right choice.

Within this field of study we offer the following specialisations:

Applications programming is devoted to students interested in transferring newly acquired skills into the creation of new applications in various of fields, including mobile and business applications, as well as computer games.

Graduate’s key competences:

ability to programme in C++, C#, Java, and Python languages, etc., ability to use building applications platform, ability to use design patterns.


Możliwości zatrudnienia


A graduate of Computer Engineering is prepared to work in IT companies dealing with applications programming for various industries, companies working on the use of IT tools in the field of applied arts (publishing houses, advertising agencies, graphic design studios), as well as to run their own business in the field of IT services.

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